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Revival completes 12 years operations in Sri Lanka

Being the pioneers in setting the physiotherapy landscape in Sri Lanka, Revival completed their 12 year aniversary at the beginning of February. Marking this iconing day, the company conducted an awards ceremony to appreciate the staff and the best performers and long service employees who have been the pillars of strength in this 12 year journey.

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Athula Dias
Athula Dias
13 de mai. de 2023

I am a client of Revival Nawala branch. I have visited there many times for Physiotherapy in my foot and shoulder pains and I cured soon. According to the advice of the Physiotherapist I take deep tissue massages from Revival frequently. They have good therapist for body and sport massages. Recently I met a therapist there with excellent ability and experienced, named Yomal. He is a very skilled to understand the body condition of his client, hence he changes his treatment techniques according to it, giving fresh experience to his client day by day. I wish him and all staff members at Revival for their future endeavors.

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