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Revival opens its 3rd branch in Nawala

Being the pioneeds in the Physiotherapy industry in Sri Lanka, Revial marked a key milestone in their journey in the 1st of March 2021 with the opening of their newest brand in Nawala. Nawala being a more recidential area compared with Colombo 5 where their head office is located, Revival management believes that the Nawala branch would be able to help and support the resident in the residential areas in and aroudn Nawala to stay fit, healthy and injury free.

Nawala branch comprises of 4 physiotherapy rooms and 2 sports therapy rooms along with a lart physiotherapy open gym area that can also be used for workshops and small training programs. Management of Revival mentioned that they have also included a new service undertheir service offering that would be a real game changer in the industry. Revival is now offering Hypnotherapy services at their Nawala branch which is said to be able to help their clients at a subconscious level to break barriers that are holding them down. May it be recovering from an injury fast, overcoming obesity without dieting, improve memory ad ficus for exams, breaking through fears and emotional trauma which also has a negative effect on the physiological aspect of the body and finally but most importantly improving performance for sportsman/women and athletes. Hypnotherapy is very much used in other countries by professional sports personalities and is said to have amazing impact on breaking limitations and unleashing their full potential in their game.

With a lot of hope for the Nawala branch, the management of Revival expressed that they would be continuing to expand with many more branches with the intention of going closer and closer to those who need their services to make a healthy and fit society

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Athula Dias
Athula Dias
May 13, 2023

I am a client of Revival Nawala branch. I have visited there many times for Physiotherapy in my foot and shoulder pains and I cured soon. According to the advice of the Physiotherapist I take deep tissue massages from Revival frequently. They have good therapist for body and sport massages. Recently I met a therapist there with excellent ability and experienced, named Yomal. He is a very skilled to understand the body condition of his client, hence he changes his treatment techniques according to it, giving fresh experience to his client day by day. I wish him and all staff members at Revival for their future endeavors.

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