Revival has visiting sports Nutritionist who her patients who are involved in sport by providing them with a good dietary and vitamin and mineral supplementation program to support muscle building, muscle repair, and toning requirements. Both current and retired athletes find it helpful to have the support Michelle provides them to help keep them in good shape internally and physically.

In order to help more people in their quest for optimal health, Revival offers patients a weight loss program package. The package ensures that patients have better success with their weight loss programs. The weight loss program package includes the following:

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  • 1 x Initial Health assessment, diet program, supplementation program, and exercise program
  • 4 x Follow-up consultation, body composition analysis = to ensure the program is working well for the patient
  • 8 x Personal trainer assisted gym sessions
  • 4 x Physiotherapy sessions to help with strains and lactic acid build up
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Above program is run for 28 days.

Revival physiotherapist’s aim is to educate all their patients about good health and a good quality life.

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