Arranging a home visit from a Physiotherapist may be ideal when:

  • You have gone through surgery and need post operative care
  • Are unable to move – due to injury or age
  • Stroke Patients
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In case of any emergency our Physiotherapists will see you at home for immediate care. At Revival Physios are dedicated to provide service for people who have very long term treatment requirements. In several cases of chronic health problems the treatments are are managed more effectively when treatment is carried out in your home setting where practical problems can be dealt with head on. Our Doctors / Physios will also assist you in modifying your home with most suitable aids needed for the patients to move around and make home injury proof.

Physiotherapy at home also enables other members of the family to be involved and to gain a better understanding of your condition and how to help. Physios will come equipped with mobile Electrotherapy unit and help with exercises.

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What to expect from a home visit:

  • First visit is mostly assessment of the patient it can take up to an hour
  • Physio will then advise the duration of the treatment depending on the requirement. Number of days will be advised for treatment
  • Short term and long term goals will be advised
  • When you arrange a home visit it is important to set aside enough time, free from interruptions and telephone calls. Prepare a room where you will have enough privacy
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Our aim is maximum mobility for the patients and help them to road to recovery.

Home Visits