Strapping and taping techniques are some of the most important and most visible skills a physiotherapist, sports therapist working with sports men and women can have. Strapping and taping techniques can help prevent injury as well as protect the athlete from re-injury whilst returning to sport. Sprains are the most common sports-related injuries in the World , accounting for millions of injuries per year resulting in sportsman time away from games and practices.

Strapping can be used effectively in both the prevention and treatment of sports injuries. As an aid to prevention, the role of strapping is to decrease the frequency and severity of injury.

Most commonly used is strapping tape which your physiotherapist will apply in order to limit movement or provide a sense of stability to a joint.

Tape can be applied along the length of a tired muscle for support. "It allows the muscles to go on vacation for a day or two so they come back healed," says Gainesville, Va.,{USA} physical therapist Holly Moriarty, a member of the Lumos medical advisory board.

Some trainers swear by TAPING. Baby oil can be used to remove any sticky residue.

At Revival our trained Sports Physiotherapist can Tape sportsmen and women before their big event on prior appointment basis.

Strapping and Taping